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February 06, 2003
Numerology For Dummies, Volume 2

(Read Volume 1 to catch up.)

The Swerdlow interconnectedness calculator is running overtime on Expansions. Last we were here, I hit on their list of numerological symbolism said to be hidden in the Shuttle Columbia tragedy, and evidently readily open to discovery by the Illuminati watchers out there. Or at least anyone sporting an overactive imagination and the time to abuse everyone else with it.

Fortunately, as is the way with these things, there's more for the finding...
More Shuttle Symbolism February 4, 2003
The following is an addition to the symbolism listing that I posted right after the shuttle disaster. There is so much going on here, that it may take months of research to complete a total listing. Obviously, the anal Illuminati have really thought this one out. That means that it is a ceremony designed to bring in an event of major, or catastrophic proportions.
How can I resist the opportunity to examine information passed along by anal Illuminati? The answer is, I can't:

  • The explosion happened on or very close to the 33rd parallel.

  • For the uninitiated, this is partially an allusion to the Freemasons.

    In addition to that, as well as the sweet twinning of 3's factor, Baghdad is on the 33rd Parallel. Starting to see the connection? There's one small problem with this being the work of an Order: The shuttle during a descent to the Kennedy Space Center has no other option than to travel near the 33rd Parallel. But you got me, the shuttle did breakup "close to" it.

    The hair on the back of my neck is standing straight out. Just not from this analysis.

  • The explosion occurred 39 miles up ( 3 x 13)

  • Well, it was around that height (207,000 feet is 39.2 miles). I'll give partial credit on this one. A good thing the US hasn't switched to the metric system, eh? Though then you could say it was 63 kilometers up - and just look at all the 3's hiding in there!

  • The shuttle was traveling at 13, 000 mph.

  • At what point in it's journey? NASA has been clear that at the time Columbia exploded/came apart, it was traveling at 18 times the speed of sound, or around 12,000 mph. But if your anal Illuminati friends are ready for some give and take of about 1,000 miles per hour...

  • The San Francisco Chronicle reports that photos were taken by a doctor showing lighteneing-like flashes around the trail of the shuttle as it exploded, lending credence to a particle beam weapon attack.

  • Again with the particle beam theory. Do the Illuminati have access to weaponry terrorists can only dream of?

    Honestly, all this demonstrates is your lack of understanding what a particle beam weapon is, and how it would work. Let's look at the knowledge base you obviously lean on for your information: the movies. The reason you see thick, "lightening"-like beams of light coming from lasers and particle accelerated weapons in Hollywood films is because you'd be confused to what's going on if represented realistically. It's the same reason they put sound in space or give Jennifer Garner breasts: to let the moviegoer know something is happening when otherwise they might be at a loss.

  • The military just happened to be training nearby in preparation for war in Iraq, and were immediately available to retrieve wreckage.

  • Since the military trains throughout most of the continental U.S., it's likely they're immediately available to retrieve my drinking buddies and I after our designated driver is found to have a blood-alcohol level of 0.03%. It's just I don't happen to offer the government's level of pull when it comes to them being at my beck and call.

  • The newspapewrs are constantly referring to this incident using the term, "sacrifice".

  • So the press is in on it, too? Where does this conspiracy end!?

    Expansions was also kind enough to make a prediction on the war with Iraq, which we now know begins around the 15th of this month. Get ready, Saddam! Also at that time, "alien information" will be revealed to us, whatever that means. Hey, they say the History Channel made that claim, so it must be true.

    Finally, along with a few helpful temporary-end-of-the-world survival tips, Expansions notes to "[k]eep yourselves grounded and balanced daily. Listen to your instincts and the God-Mind within."

    But my instincts keep proclaiming all this numerological stuff to be looniness of the highest order. Should I listen?

    February 03, 2003
    Numerology For Dummies

    Over on Expansions, a Web site which focuses on the "multidimensionality of the soul," they note the following in their current news:
    Columbia Disaster—Major Global Ceremony! February 1, 2003
    On 02-01-03, the space shuttle Columbia was destroyed as it completed its mission and returned to Cape Canaveral. There is such a huge amount of symbolic, ritual evidence that I have listed it below for you to assimilate. Keep Illuminati numerical symbolism in mind as you read the following:
    The piece then goes on to list numerous connections to, um, numerical connections. I've provided that list below, with my own stunningly brilliant commentary to each. Please do not blind yourself as you read (thanks to Naked Writing for the heads up on this):

  • This was the 113th space shuttle flight.

  • This was Columbia's 28th mission. Columbia is officially known as shuttle number 102 (OV-102). NASA lists this last mission as STS-107. But you're right, it was the 113th shuttle mission. Scary.

  • Columbia has been flying for 22 years (twinning).

  • And you all know how twins are. By the way, Columbia first flew on April 12, 1981. So it's actually been flying missions for 21+ years.

  • The shuttle took off on 01-16-2003, which equals a number 13.

  • 02-01-2003 equals 8. If I imposed an absolute numerological evaluation on the takeoff date: 1+1+6+2+3=13 ~then~ 1+3=4. See, it actually equals 4! Even better: 1+16+2003=2020 ~then~ 2+2=4. Cool beans, 4 again!

  • Ft. Hood, Texas is sending a recovery team calling it a 24/7 operation, which equals a number 13.

  • That's 24 hours, 7 days a week. Nearly everyone planning a project that works 'round the clock calls it a "24/7" operation. So is every organization which does this connected to the Columbia tragedy? Besides, 24/7 is actually 24 DIVIDED BY 7, which comes to 3.428571... Whoa, uncanny.

  • CNN used a local station “13” in Florida to cover Cape Canaveral.

  • But what did MSNBC and Fox News use??? By the way, my local cable company shows CNN on channel 42, and there have been 42 years of manned space flight. Someone make a call to the spirit of Douglas Adams!

  • The runway to which it was heading is Runway # 33 which is 3 miles long.

  • The Kennedy Space Center's Runway 33 (technically, Runway 15/33) is 15,000 feet in length, which by my calculations is less than 3 miles - about 2.84 miles. Using that old numerology math, 2.84 equals 14, which I'm sure means something to someone.

  • 02-01-03 leaves 333 days in this year.

  • I guess tripling is better than twinning. Thank the gods it wasn't a leap year, huh? However, 333 only equals 9.

  • The event took place on the exact anniversary week of the Challenger accident in 1986.

  • Doofus! You forgot the Apollo 1 accident, which happened January 27, 1967. That adds up to 3 accidents. Get with the program!

  • The event took place on the date of the Chinese New Year.

  • For the year of the goat (ram, black sheep, whatever). I knew the Chinese were up to no good...

  • The event took place on the date of a New Moon.

  • Even better, it was the first day of the first lunar month (i.e. Chinese new year). Keep churning those symbolic connections!

  • Challenger exploded while taking off; Columbia exploded while landing—a completion cycle.

  • You're very observant. I don't see how the destruction of two different shuttles seventeen years apart provides a completion to anything other than the lives they took, but then you're the ones making up the rules to this game.

  • Columbia exploded over Palestine, Texas with an Israeli astronaut on board.

  • No, most of Columbia's fragments came down near Palestine, TX. The "explosion" occurred almost due West of Dallas. Palestine is to the South and East of that city. Also, the city of Nacogdoches is the more true 'ground zero' for this. Here, I'll get the ball rolling:
    • Nacogdoches TX is 13 letters.
    • Nacogdoches is the name of a native American Indian tribe (psst! one of the astronauts was born in India), and means " persimmon eaters."
    • A legend tells of a Caddo chief who had twin sons. When the sons grew to manhood, the father sent one 3 days toward the rising sun (East). The other was sent 3 days toward the setting sun (West). The twin who settled in the West (Texas) was Nacogdoches. The other twin, Natchitoches, settled in Louisiana.
    • The shuttle Columbia crashed in Texas, and its fragments will be moved to a staging area in Louisiana.
    By the way, do residents of Palestine, TX call themselves Palestinians? Just wondering aloud.

  • The Israeli astronaut fought in the Yom Kippur War and was on the mission in 1981 to destroy the Iraqi nuclear facility.

  • And? 1981 was the year Columbia first flew? 1981 equals 19? Yom Kippur is the Jewish day of atonement? Bush calls it a 'nukuler' facility? What?!

  • The name "Columbia" is derived from "Columbus" which comes from the word "Calumba." This is the name of an Illuminati cult of the White Dove—a UN/Reptilian image, i.e., white, winged Reptilian descendents.

  • So Christopher Columbus' family has a Templar connection. What else is new. Note to the Illuminati crowd: February 1 is Serpent Day (Celtic). It's also National Baked Alaska Day. Yum!

  • Both the states of Florida and Texas are involved; both are politically connected to the Bush clan.

  • Connecticut and Maine are also connected to the Bush "clan," though Columbia flew over neither.

  • Florida is the Sunshine State. Texas is the Lone Star State. The sun is our star. This is symbolic of Texas and Florida being twin stars, a reference to a binary star system.

  • Connecticut is the Nutmeg State. Maine is the Pine Tree State. Nutmeg comes from the seed or "nut" of the nutmeg tree, an evergreen native to Indonesia. A pine cone is the seed or nut of the pine tree, which represents a number of evergreen conifers. This is symbolic of how a nut can find meaningless connections in almost anything.

  • The space shuttle was launched on the 16th (7) for a 16-day mission (7) with (7) astronauts aboard. There are (3) 7s. There are 7 Reptilian species; all worship a 3-horned god.

  • To make this evaluation work honestly, there really should have been 16 (7) crew members on Columbia. Come on, NASA. Help us out here!

  • On board was an African-American, an Asian-American, a Jew, and two descendents of Committee of 300 families—Blair/Clark and Brown.

  • I'll assume something herein is important to the Illuminati crowd. Otherwise, Whaaaa?

  • The astronaut McCool is a name that shows double twinning symbology—“cc” and “oo.”

  • Only one out of the seven astronauts provide it. Sort of a bad percentage, wouldn't you say? But keep playing.

  • An Indian and Israeli were both on board; both from nations with major issues against Muslims.

  • Lot's of Americans on board, as well. Hey, aren't we about to... nah, too easy!

  • Witnesses reported seeing "spirals in the sky" with a rumbling hum; evidence of a particle beam accelerator weapon?

  • Certainly couldn't be from a spacecraft disintegrating on re-entry. And this bit of urban legend hokum relates to your precious Illuminati symbology how?

  • A 5.5 magnitude quake occurred approximately one hour after the event in Chiapas, Mexico, directly south of the explosion.

  • What, not 3 hours after? What a shame. Let's hope it knocked 13 people on their ass.

    (Read Volume 2 to continue your enlightenment.)


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