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January 28, 2003
Great Just To Be Nominated

I'm not sure what to make of having Blurried Musings nominated in this particular search for most boring Web site. By the way, the thread subject is "Worst web site???" which I note in passing should not to be taken as synonymous with most boring. Though I'll allow that they can be, and often are, one in the same, these are two separate and distinct categories which normally are handled under different awardings. But I digress.

So, most boring Web site. With so many out there to choose from, one wonders how anyone could initiate a selection process to cull through and note the top contenders. In a former intellectual incarnation, I'd find it ironically karmic to have mine plucked from amongst the many millions of possibilities and so swiftly chosen for recognition. Life on the Web is nothing if not unintentionally ironic. And boring. Let's not forget boring; as if I could.

Oh, and what's the connection between a site specializing in classic Volkswagens and a search for most boring site? I'll leave that up to the reader to decide. Rather nice of me, eh?

In a further attempt to be nice and in the interest of even-handedness to all parties involved, let me go through the criteria for this search (stated in the first posting by "juddervan man"), to make sure I qualify for a nomination in the first place:

The site can[']t be informative... i.e. a site about nuclear fis[s]ion: Am I informative? Certainly not in any educating the world about nuclear physics way. Though I could be. Check.

The site must be boring: Hmm. This is a purely subjective value, yet one many in my family would concur with. Check.

The site must be useless: This is a little vague. Useless to who, exactly? I've found it extremely useful to post much of what's here, albeit along similar lines to what one gets from throwing out the trash. And in all humility, I have received more than a few positive e-mails and blogroll entries because of Blurried Musings. Still, I admit no one ever claimed it was of 'use' to them. So I'll have give this an equivocal Check.

There you are: three for three. So at the very least this site's existence on the voting list is legit. I would have requested it be removed from consideration if it hadn't, since that would not have been fair to the others. 'Boring But Fair,' that's my motto. Well, one of them - I actually have a lot. One hundred and seven, to be exact. I'll post them here some day. That is, if I can find a way to avoid a mere boring list...

So, am I required to wear a tux to the ceremony? If so, I'll have to rent. And in regards to the award, what exactly is a Dubfreeze? Will it fit on a mantle? Will it require special handling to get it home? Does it only come in pints?

[Finally, one question for juddervan man: I assume the winner of this 'prize' is the creator of the site, and not the one who nominated it, right? After all, who did all the real work here?!]

I'd thank "Big Al" for the honor of nominating Blurried Musings, however I'm just not that masochistic. And Al? In the future I promise this site will become far more "exiting" about God, and stuff. Honest.

[UPDATE] I won! I promise not to let it go to my head.


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