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October 31, 2002
A "Catholic" Response

Oh, Márk, Märk, Mãrk. You're trying to get me to be serious and somewhat long in wind here. I'll avoid the temptation if only because it's very off-theme for this particular blog of mine, and so not a Good Thing®.

One does not believe that things End (purposely using the big E there) when in expectation of everlasting life, something I'm quite certain is in the Catholic catechism. One plans to receive either the gift of heaven for acceptance of the doctrines of faith, or eternal damnation for refusal of them. Either of these options are hardly an 'end' in the full, final definition of that word, the meaning stressed in Jody's post and which anyone would clearly see if doing more than skimming for a position of attack.

As an aside, here is a little observation to ponder: if "things matter because they end" is truly a Catholic view, and since God matters, then God must come to an end, too. Correct? Yes, I am hopelessly begging the question in sad, opportunistic fashion. Apologies to my logically-inclined friends; I couldn't help myself.

Quoting Dostoevsky! Ah, appropriating the great fallen Atheist to thwack us with. But by referencing him in the way you do, you confuse me; do you believe in eternal consequences, or that all things come to an end? These two positions are hardly compatible. In any case, the episode from The Brothers Karamazov you refer to (the "Grand Inquisitor" chapter) may argue against atheism, but this part of the book is primarily a denouncement of Catholicism (and other forms of organized Christianity in general). In short, he believed that Catholics had abandoned Christ!

You know, Dostoevsky was himself confused by how someone could know that there is no God and yet not kill himself. Must cause a shiver down your spine to read the words and opinions here of a long dead man. It's strange, but I don't feel like I've passed on... Oh yeah, I don't believe there's a feeling in that non-experience. Forgot myself for a moment.

If you want to argue the value of morality in a life that accepts a final and complete end to things, then go right ahead and knock yourself out. But a belief in such an end is not a Catholic belief. Mårk, you may want to retake your CCD classes, because you've apparently forgotten a thing or two from the tenets of your faith.

Note to all: This issue came right at the start of a month-long project I expect will take most of my free time, meaning no activity will be noticeable on Blurried Musings through November. So if anyone expects from me a reply to an e-mail or remote blog posting dealing with this discussion, you have some waiting ahead of you.


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