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August 13, 2002
Is This August?

Hey, here's something which seeped into my consciousness incrementally over the past couple decades (or thereabouts) that I feel of some minor importance to note:

  • Don't make up any personal rules you'll only be required to break.

  • With that said, how about a little Q&A time: Which rules do I think should fall outside the margins to ones involutional stage direction? I'll leave that to your own directorial talents to try and answer. Do I have a point in bringing this up right at the start? Nothing serious that I'm aware of; I just needed an opener. Besides, I enjoy a little profound pith now and then. Even when it's faked.

    By the way, here's my favorite non sequitur quote for while I was away: "Please, someone give me a reason to breathe online!"

    So, this is me, attempting to switch the creative power back on here at Blurried Musings -- in a way. Sort of. Click. I'm not sure how good (or bad) an action this is, with the understanding things here cannot be all that regular for a while. My primary mode of operation is still one of job search, and that takes precedence over all other extracurricular shenanigans. Yes, even that. It's almost pathetic.

    But not much, really.

    A month can go by rather fast. So can two. Sometimes one expects the speed of it, may even encourage it. Sometimes, one is left in shock or awe by the swift disappearance of days. And often, one just doesn't care. I'm not sure if I'm the latter. I know I'm neither upset nor concerned. It's just the passage of time, which is there whether I applaud it or worry over it or ignore it. It's about change. Everything is.

    Actually, I prefer the word metamorphosis over change. Metamorphosis denotes growth, whereas change merely seems to signify alteration of any sort. Metamorphosis looks at moving forward; change focuses on what's being left behind. Metamorphosis is the ascent; change is usually the fall.

    So, it's about metamorphosis. Not everything is.

    I became mired a bit while figuring out the angle to come at for this reintroductive piece: how to compose this so it doesn't seem like a run-of-the-mill blog entry. You know, the regular sort of near-infantile "Hey, I was gone a while but now I'm kind of, 'ya know, back. Love 'ya. Ciao!" Not that I mean to put others down for going that route (yet I somehow did). Blurried Musings is not a standard Web-ified note-passing place. Neither is it all that important a place, so there you go.

    Perhaps there's nothing wrong with going at it that way.


    Note to all: creative production hereabouts, as well as personal Internet access, is occurring by way of guest time on another's computer (thanks, bro). Fortunately it's over a broadband connection, something I was previously without for over a year, albeit this time it's only cable (only?). I love regaining the high speed zoom and zing, but despise the inevitable lags which drag things down during daylight hours. The old saying about beggars comes into play here, so I'll try not to complain at length how some days I end up pining for a modem-like transfer rate. At least when the modem connection is slow (comparatively), it's pretty much by design.

    Note to self: I must check out DSL prices in the area when I'm on my own again. It's really not necessary, as I got along fine on a modem link, specifically since it strengthened my ulterior motive for retaining cash, etc. Still, how much money does one really need to hold onto?

    Not much, really.


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