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July 07, 2003
A Last Post, Not The Last Post

[October 2004 Update: Blurried Musings, guff and The Guff Depot disappeared from the site originally linked to here some time back. However, it now resides on my own site as part of guff, merged painlessly if not seamlessly. So what are you waiting for? Get on over there!]

I have something to admit to anyone stumbling across this: for all the certainty with which it began, and the importance it holds by being my first Blogger excursion and the first weblog I engaged for longer than a fortnight, Blurried Musings' theme has become something of a jigsaw puzzle with far too many missing pieces. I knew how it was to appear from the picture on the top, but now with most of the parts fit together, there's obvious gaps in the mosaic. Perhaps a few jigs remain in the box, but so far they remain undiscovered.

When a dilemma of this sort happens to a weblog, one is typically left with one of three options: keep on and hope for the best, re-aim rethink and retool what you want from it, or just close the whole thing down. For Blurried Musings—while not on it's last leg, is sporting a serious limp requiring immediate attention—these were all possibilities; but none of which I found very appealing. However, I had what is potentially a fourth alternative dropped into my lap: up and move the whole damn blog to another location. And that's the choice I'm going with.

In other words, it's on to the next Blurried Musings home.

None of this is to say that pushing Blurried Musings onto a server other than Blog*Spot will instill it with a renewed sense of purpose and commitment, and drive me to return to daily missives and the like. It very well could, but I'm not planning on it. It's merely a gamble, a throw of the dice to see if things improve with a completely new view out the window. It's worked for me before.

So this weblog has become but a tenant, still important but perhaps a little less out front about it, of my spiffy new residence at The Guff Depot, with its aspirations of growing into something larger and more interesting. Considering the tools and space afforded me there, it won't be for lack of trying. Assumedly the name gives it away, but one of my other blogs, guff, is also part of the Depot. In time expect more additions to the virtual stop, but for now I'm letting the trains run to see what passes through.

Hope to have you pull in from time to time.


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